Puerto Rico Marriage Requirements

To get married in Puerto Rico you do not need to be a resident or an American citizen.
Anyone under 21 years old must be accompanied by a parent.
Before you can say "I Do", the laws in Puerto Rico require marriage applicants to comply the following rules:

1) A medical certification indicating that applicants meet all tests required to get married in their place of residence. The most important thing is that the certification is valid for a term of 10 calendar days before your wedding date. Should those 10 days pass, applicants will require a new medical certificate. In case your state or country does not have any requirements, you still need a letter from a doctor who certifies that information.

2) An affidavit* stating that:

a) Applicants are Not residents of Puerto Rico.

b) The purpose of their visit is to get married. In case of a foreign citizen, the affidavit needs to certify that applicants will stay in Puerto Rico the amount of days specified in the U.S. immigration document granted by the appropriate federal agency. If the affidavit is written in the U.S., this must be accompanied by the certificate of the county clerk of the state to certify that he/she is qualified to notarize documents in your state. If it is written in a foreign country, this must be accompanied by the Apostille Seal of the Hague Treaty of 1961.

In addition, please bring the following documents.
- A valid picture ID (Drivers License or Passport). Foreign citizens need to present a valid passport, visa or residence card (green card)
- Copy of birth certificate
- Proof of divorce or death certificate (if applicable)

Demographic Registry Visit:

$150.00 including, roundtrip transportation from hotel to demographic registry, assistance throughout the whole process and paper work. Also includes the delivery of marriage certificate two weeks after the wedding. 

* Now you can do the affidavit here in Puerto Rico, please ask one of our wedding specialists for more information.